meet my pack


Named After :: Bob Marley (and she was named waaaay before the book and movie!)

AKA :: Marley Moo, Littlest, Devil Dog, Rat Dog, Scruff Monster, Squirrel Killer, and Scavenger

Breed :: Wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier

Most Likely Saying :: “Food drop…Someone please make a food drop.” (Actually there is another saying but we’ll keep this a family-friendly site.)

Most Prized Possession :: Red Jolly Ball she has had since she was a puppy.

Likes :: Hunting; curling up with Mom and Dad;  finding food; guarding the yard for the monsters we humans can’t see.

Dislikes :: People blowing in her face; squirrels that run faster than she does; Banjo acting goofy and ruining her sneak attack while hunting.

Quirks :: Barks at planes that fly only a certain flight pattern; able to unzip and unpack purses or luggage to get to anything food related, knows exactly when dinner time is and will start performing the “dinner dance” a half hour beforehand; so obssessed with her Giggle Ball, that we had to take it away years ago.

My Favorite Things About Marley :: Marley always entertains me and makes me laugh my face off; even though her ears don’t fold over properly, I wouldn’t change a thing about her ears…They are so Marley…Rebellious.

Worst Habit ::  Getting into the pantry and stealing food.

Claim to Fame :: Being my husband and my commitment dog; racing and stealing the spotlight in the Jack Russell races at the Washington International Horse Show.


Named After ::  The five-stringed instrument that puts a bit of boogie in your step.

AKA :: Jo-Jo, Big Dog, Monkey Butt, Ban Jovi, Banjolio

Breed :: Australian Shepherd

Most Likely Saying :: “Ok, first I have to get the cat, then I will herd Mommy…Marley get over here…Sheesh, stay right there Dad…If I walk around you guys enough, eventually you will all be in one place.”

Most Prized Possession :: Me and his three-inch green frog he carries around everywhere.

Likes :: Mom; belly rubs; giving kisses; herding anything that moves; swimming ; dissecting every stuffed toy in the house; being told how handsome he is.

Dislikes :: Being left behind; the mailman

Quirks :: Loves to go to the barn with me, but is scared of the horses; lies in the Superman pose so his belly stays cool on the hardwood floors;  has an insatiable need to give kisses; he has no problem burping in your face.

My Favorite Things About Banjo :: The sweet looks of adoration he gives me; how soft and warm he is especially when I’m cold; when he comes up and puts his head in my lap while editing photos; he’s my velcro dog; that he wakes up every morning and greets me first.

Worst Habit::  Whining and barking the minute he sees the mailman’s truck park on our street.

Claim to Fame ::  Crowds of people love to stop and watch him work the camera during my photo shoots with him; he gives the PERFECT head tilt anytime I say anything that sounds like the word “walk”; with hair like his, there’s always a little part of him with me at all times!


Named After :: Pink Floyd’s album “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”

AKA :: Piper Cat, Baby Girl

Breed :: Tabbico Domestic Short Hair

Most Likely Saying :: “Damn Dogs.”

Most Prized Possession :: The cat tree that lets her tower over the dogs so she can eat in peace and make them beg beneath her.

Likes :: Being scratched on the side of the face; Marley being outside so she can sit undisturbed in my lap;  cheap cat food that she only gets when we run out of her healthy food; the heat vent in the living room.

Dislikes :: Marley

Quirks :: Comes running and constantly talks to you if you whistle a certain tone or blow a coyote call; catches mice but doesn’t kill them.

My Favorite Things About Piper :: She always talks to me and she is a pro at the “elevator butt go up” thing, which just cracks me up; She purrs SUPER loud.

Worst Habit :: Sneaking up and hissing in the dog’s faces just because she can.

Claim to Fame :: She’s the matriarch of the family being the oldest of our pack; she’s the only cat I know that sits on command.


Named After :: Came that way…but her full name is Sweetwater Georgia.

AKA :: Gigi, Ms. Piggy

Breed :: Belgian mixed with Wild Mustang

Most Likely Saying :: “Whatcha got in those pockets? Surely, there is a treat somewhere in there for me!”

Most prized Possession :: Grass in her pasture

Likes :: Breakfast and dinner; being scratched on her throat and chest; muzzle kisses

Dislikes :: Moving fast when she’s in slacker mode; being ridden during feeding time.

Quirks :: Gigi loves, loves, loves to have the inside of her ears scratched with a little rubber brush I have just for this;  her tail divides up in beautiful ringlets.

Worst Habit :: When we finish our ride and we’re cooling down, she will suddenly shake like a wet dog from head to toe…feels like an earthquake.

Claim to Fame :: She survived living out in the wild, being captured and becoming one of the sweetest, smartest, kindest horses I’ve ever known; riding her is like driving an SUV.

M O D E L   C A L L