my style

Capturing the unique paw print your pet leaves on your heart.

I am an on-location, lifestyle pet photographer whose style is modern, fresh and fun.  My specialty is stylistic fine art portraits that reveal your pet’s spirit, beauty and personality, and documents the untold story of the bond between you and your pet. The connection we share with our pets is unique; our pets touch our hearts in remarkable ways. We, as pet owners, know those quirky and loving ways better than anyone, right?

  • Like how your rescue pup lays his head in your lap while looking at you with soulful eyes saying “thank you” that melts your heart;
  • Or the funny way your dog carries a special toy around with them everywhere, or “the look” that never fails to make you laugh;
  • It might be your cat’s trill of a meow right before she flops over, belly up, purring because she is so delighted to see you;
  • Or how your pets make your house “a home” with their domestic habits and expectant faces at the window awaiting for your return home;
  • Maybe how your dog is always there by your side ready to wag his tail at your slightest smile, reminding you how grateful you are for their companionship;
  • Or your horse’s head popping up when she first hears your voice and then greets you with that familiar little nicker because she is happy to see you and knows you have a carrot for her.

These quintessential moments reflecting your pet’s personality will be captured as we do the everyday things you and your pet already enjoy doing together.  My ambition is to provide custom pet portraits celebrating your pet’s essence in timeless works of art.  Art that evokes delight every time you look at your wall or each time you thumb through you and your pet’s story in your custom made coffee table book.

M O D E L   C A L L