the process

CONTACT SHELLEY CASTLE PHOTOGRAPHY  ::  You’ve seen my portfolio and want the same stylistic pet portraits of your pets? Contact me–let’s chat so I can answer your questions on our pet sessions and email you our product and pricing lists.  If you are ready to commission me to photograph your pet, we’ll schedule dates for your pre-consultation and photo session.  A retainer on the session fee will be required to guarantee your appointment time.

RECEIVE THE SCP WELCOME PACKAGE  ::  Welcome to the SCP family!  After receiving your retainer, I will send you a welcome packet that includes all the information and tips you will need to prepare you and your pets for your photo session.  Also included in in the packet will be my pamphlet about all the products and services I provide, your pet photography contract, model release and an important questionnaire that provides me with some preliminary information about you and your pet.

MEET FOR OUR PRE-CONSULTATION  ::  As an exclusive service to my clients, I provide a pre-consultation meeting at your home or a mutually convenient location as part of the session fee.  This is one of my favorite parts of the job, where I get to meet and learn about you, your pet and how you became a family.  We will discuss what kind of custom artwork you envision and the story you would like to tell.  We’ll also decide on any location where you want to hold your session–whether it is at home, in your neighborhood, walking through town, a hike on a trail, a local scenic spot or someplace special to you and your family.  If you are having a hard time deciding, I can suggest locations and help you decide which is best for what you envision.  I’ll show you samples of the products SCP offers and answer any final questions you may have.  Most importantly, this meeting gives your pet the perfect opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with me. If time or distance prevents us from be meeting, we will hold this session on the phone.

PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION  ::  Now we get to have some fun! For up to two hours, we will all be smiling, giggling, and gabbing as your pet hams it up for the camera.  You’ll have plenty of chances to laugh and make fun of me as you see me crawl on the ground and do just about anything to get the fabulous pictures that you’ll love. These sessions are relaxed, flexible and comfortable, going with the flow of your pet’s energy; each pet is different and SCP is an expert at naturally coaxing out your pet’s personality for pictures.  Your pet will have a blast doing many of his favorite things while getting lots of healthy treats, reveling in the attention and showing off for the camera.  We’ll end with hugs and puppy kisses, and lots of excitement and anticipation to see the images we captured during our session.  We’ll all go home happy and Fido is sure to be extra snuggly and sleepy after working so hard at his modeling gig.   Seriously, being in the limelight is exhausting!

HAVE YOUR HEART MELTED BY YOUR PROFESSIONALLY EDITED IMAGES AND ORDER YOUR FINE ART :: As the Tom Petty song goes, “The waiting is the hardest part.”  But it will be so worth it, I promise.  In two to three weeks following your session, you will be ooohing and aahhing over the professionally edited images of your favorite furry face, to be revealed during your post-session meeting.  This allows us to discuss your photographs and make any additional customizations or final touches as we decide what products you would like to order.   If you need advice on how you may want to display your fabulous new art, I can provide assistance and consultation from a professional fine-art framer who is the owner of Old Town Alexandria’s Erickson & Ripper Gallery and Del Ray Picture Framing.

RECEIVE YOUR FINE ART AND BE THRILLED THAT YOU COMMISSIONED SHELLEY CASTLE PHOTOGRAPHY TO CREATE CUSTOMIZED PET PHOTOGRAPHY FOR YOUR HOME :: Hang your art work or have SCP do it, and sit back and smile at the adorable furry face staring back at you.  Hug and kiss your pet a zillion times and tell him what a superstar he is.  Each time you enter the room: stop, admire, smile, hug pet, repeat!

SHOW ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY THAT YOUR PET IS FAMOUS :: Your pet superstar will have a special blog post on the SCP blog and a special feature on our Facebook page.  Be sure to tag yourself and share your pictures.  Of course, SCP always appreciates referrals to friends and family who love their pets as much as you do.

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